My Inspiration

What some of our contributors say…

Janice Gunner - Leytonstone“My block is inspired by the beautiful Jardine Star brooch I have seen HM wearing. It's an eight pointed star design which is often found in patchwork and is apparently a favourite piece of her collection.”
Janice Gunner

Margaret Ward - Scarborough“I remember the Queen’s visits to our beautiful town of Scarborough in 1975 and 2010, so what else could I stitch for her other than the lighthouse.”
Margaret Ward

Karen Collibee - Grays“I have enjoyed making my quilt square and, where possible, have used recycled materials. The bed curtains are from a silk curtain my late mother kept for best, the corgi’s nose is from an old leather diary cover and the coin of fortune on the dog’s lead is a replica of a Victorian silver Christmas pudding charm.”
Karen Collibee

Jan Allston - Polegate“The square depicts a horse called ‘Burmese’, the Queen’s favourite horse when she used to ride at Trooping The Colour. The embroidered head was taken from a photo, digitized manually and stitched on the Bernina 830 using the oval hoop in two hoopings.”
Jan Allston

Mark“I came up with the idea for the Royal Corgi. My good friend Darren drew the design and I set to work. I sewed the red, white and blue design over about seven sessions which took approximately 40 hours to complete.”

Gail Dentler - Texas“I once visited Buckingham Palace and the Queen’s garden. I loved the calm, peaceful space it created. I wanted to create a Texas meadow within the design, hoping it will wish her a happy birthday.”
Gail Dentler

Angela Spencer - Leeds“The patch is appliqué and embroidery of the time the Queen photo-bombed two members of the Australian hockeyroos team while they were taking a selfie at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.”
Angela Spencer

Annie Henderson-Begg - Weybridge “The central corgi in my square is modelled on my 8 year old Pembroke corgi called Chori. He was painted on silk twill with Inktense pencils.”
Annie Henderson-Begg

Louise Hughes - Ilkeston“The central image of my square is Buckingham Palace. I chose linen due to its hardwearing nature. The black felt profile harks back to when shadow portraits would have been in every fine drawing room, back lit by a candle. The golden braid at the base of the Palace is to represent the golden detail of the gates. The top right corner is my interpretation of a stamp and a kind of birthday badge for Her Majesty.”
Louise Hughes

Karen Mayo - Kingston-on-Thames“The design I went for takes its inspiration from the Imperial State Crown.”
Karen Mayo

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